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Focusing on your overall health, your dentist will take a comprehensive look at your medical and dental history and tailor your care to your personal needs.

In addition, Smile Corners was designed to provide you with a relaxing experience. Enjoy our entertainment system while our highly trained and caring team treats you to a comfortable visit. Using state-of-the-art equipment, your dentist will provide you with a more accurate diagnosis as well as faster and more comfortable treatment.

Smile Corners dental team

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Dental CBCT: cone-beam CT
Better through technology

We utilize leading-edge technology to improve your care

We've replaced traditional impressions with an intraoral digital scanner. Traditional impressions used a messy, and sometimes foul-tasting "goo." Digital scanners allow us to detect and fix issues, and to send the information to the lab instantly. This means more comfortable visits, faster turnaround times, better fitting prosthetics (crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, implants, etc.), and lower environmental impact.

We also utilize cone-beam CT (CBCT) for more accurate diagnosis, root canals, and implants. CBCT imaging gives us 3-D information that traditional x-rays cannot relay, such as the presence and extent of root fractures, the number, shape, and position of canals, and bone width. This means greater predictability and better success rates for your dental treatment.

Dr. Wu panorex

Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu is a lifelong Atlanta native. He strives to stay on the leading edge of dentistry and to provide an exceptional dental experience. Dr. Wu takes time with every patient, listening to your needs and offering honest treatment recommendations to empower you to make the best decisions for your oral health. Dr. Wu received his Chemical Engineer B.S. from Georgia Tech and DMD from Dental College of Georgia, and he can't wait to meet you at Smile Corners!

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