Cavity Restorations

Early treatment saves money and pain!

Come see us right away so we can help stop the cavity from getting worse. You will have an entertainment system to help you relax while our highly trained team provide you with a gentle treatment.

If it is a small to medium-sized cavity, we will prescribe a filling to remove the cavity and replace it with a tooth-like material to stop the decay and restore the damaged tooth. If it is a large cavity, we may prescribe a crown to protect against fracture.

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cavities only get bigger over time

Small to medium-sized cavities usually go unnoticed because they don’t cause any symptoms. That is why it is important to get regular checkups to catch and treat cavities early. Once a cavity gets close to the nerve, it may start causing symptoms. You may have a large cavit

  • your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold
  • it hurts when you chew

If this is left untreated, then the cavity will continue to grow, your tooth will be more and more decayed and potentially become infected, and you will experience more severe pain.

Natural Looking Crowns

If the structural integrity of your tooth is compromised, then we recommend an all-ceramic crown to protect against fracture. For teeth toward the back of your mouth, we recommend zirconia crowns, which are about 5 times stronger than porcelain, have no metal, and look like natural teeth. For teeth nearer the front, we will select a ceramic material based on your needs and preferences.

At Smile Corners we avoid metal in crowns that may irritate your gums or show through as a dark line. You will feel good and look good in our crown!

Tooth Colored Fillings

At Smile Corners we only place tooth colored fillings (composite or resin-modified glass-ionomer). This ensures that your teeth not only stay healthy, but look great! Fillings typically last between 5-15 years, depending on the location of the filling and your overall oral health and lifestyle. Getting a filling is the best way to stop a small cavity from getting bigger!

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